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Do you have an idea of what preparing a kickstarter means?

We thought that it was going to be quite a big job, but frankly, not that big. To be honest, we were two (Pierre and Didier) when we decided to start this adventure. Today, we are 7, and we are all very busy.

New horizons

At first, it was pretty quiet. We just look what is done on KS, we dream to some projects that build excitement and ask ourselves: why not us? Or rather why us. Indeed, it’s a starting point to remember. Once the reason is clear, it’s drafting time: what, how, when. This is needed to anticipate what we will have to do to make it real. That’s when a first draft of the Pledges and the SG is established.

But we were still at the very beginning of the project…

The plan

The communication plan. This is the first thing we started, around the month of August. That’s when we became three with the arrival of Samuel. We had to spread the good news, prepare visuals, the graphic, find dates and places for the demos (that are underway by the time you read this NL), find bloggers and youtubers might be interested in our project, send them copies, awaken and enliven the community around a few contests, newsletters, in short: make some noise.

We also had to redisign entirely the website to make it more robust and able to receive more information. All this is already a lot of time, phone calls, meetings, decisions.

For Capsicum Games, it also matched with the release of Siggil and the Essen fair, two very time consuming events for an editor. This is to say that days started to be lengthy.

Doing math

But it’s not just that … Once the content and the SGs in mind, we had to do some calculations (well Didier did) to be sure not to come a cropper. Getting estimates for a game is not very complicated once you know where you are going. But for a KS, as nothing is fixed from the start, it quickly multiplies options and lines in the price sheet!

It was going very kindly in all directions. We also needed to simulate a bit the conduct of the campaign, to see what is the minimum launch and what can be done for the SGs. This produces nice spreadsheets believe me. But at least we see where we go, and this will allow us firstly to offer interesting SGs, and secondly to be sure we can send them to you as promised on time.

On time? The other big issue of the back office: the shipping. Well yes, we want to tell you how much it will cost in terms of shipment (at least a range) and for us how to organize all this the best way. That’s the least of it. And here we go for new requests for estimates, comparison charts, building solutions to optimize hubs etc …

At this point nights begin to be short.

Lights, camera, and…

It’s not that bad right? Well this is not much compared to the realization… I mean the making of the film and the KS page. For the film it means writing the script, texts, choosing the actors to read the text, music, recordings, verification and correction of the rushes with Jérémy the video director… all this has no secrets for Pierre, who would almost drink coffee, whereas he usually never does.

Because it is still Pierre who works on the KS page: graphic design, writing, illustration and package, because you’re worth it. This is where the two Antoines already very involved in Fleet Commander 1 and 2, are back to cook up all the visual that will allow us to clearly show you what we are preparing. That makes 6 people… do you still follow us?

Mister T

I was talking about 7 people at the beginning… He’s the seventh, not from the A-Team, although it would have been rather cool indeed. He looks, observes, comments, gives ideas, he has the benefit of hindsight. And as he has a lot of experience on the subject, it is always a good thing.

So that’s what our days are made for several months: full of boxes, paintings, drafts, phone calls, web surfing, skype etc…

Only a few well-intense weeks like that and you will be able to join the adventure and be part of this project with us. And normally your part should be simpler 😉


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