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Recently, someone wrote on a forum that Fleet Commander was one-of-a-kind. It was in a discussion on a forum whose topic was whether Fleet Commander was a miniature game or a board game. Let’s go back to the origins of the game to understand.

Thirties wargamers and plastic wall plugs

In 2013, we were a group of ” wargamers “, used to play miniature games of all kinds for over 20 years. The urge of the moment was playing epic battles with a lot of spaceships. Thirties, we had much less time, space and money to devote to a classical miniature game. We needed something more effective.

The first idea was to use plastic wall plugs. For less than 50 euros, we had hundreds of ships available, of all sizes and all types. It was very exciting. We wanted something simple, so we quickly invented the class system. Small, medium and large, became Class 1, 2 and 4. The size representing the firepower and hit points (multiplied by 6). Everything was natural and obvious, no need to take notes.

How the dice changed everything

We wanted a system that does not focus on the means of the fight, but on its effects. No matter what types of weapons were used or what displacement vectors have the ships. We simply wanted to be on the high Command level. We then tried several very simple game systems, often on checkerboards, but none had the tactical depth we were looking for as experienced and demanding wargamers.

Until the day we invented the dice system. From the first test we were speechless. It worked great. The mechanics were at the same time clear, simple and deep. The game focused on the decision-making, not the mastering of the rules or having luck. Contrary to what you might think at first, positioning and anticipation are more important than the results of the dice.

We won’t keep that just for us!

By adding special weapons and a few particularities to the ships , the game also managed to be very immersive and opened a huge potential. Each player developed his style and his favorite tactics, the games were full of twists and stories to tell .

We were really in space, commanding fleets of powerful spaceships and all that often in less than an hour of play. Fleet Commander was born. We could have kept it for us, or put it online for a few enthusiasts about plastic plugs, but the desire to share it on a larger scale was too tempting.

Easy and deep

Therefore, Fleet Commander has its origins in the miniatures games, without all what we thought were drawbacks. Its original gameplay makes it very easy to learn too – there are many fathers who say they play happily with their children or their partner – but Fleet Commander knows how to keep a tactical depth that will immerse you in the heart of potentially epic battles up to 8 players, where a brilliant commander will always make the difference.

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