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« As soon as I played my first game, I was hooked! This is easily my current favorite space battle game, and I am impatiently awaiting the new Kickstarter. »
Jerry Hawthorne, game designer of Mice & Mystics

« Impressive. Commande an epic, strategic space battle condensed into  fun, quick learned table top game. »
Tyler Anderson, aka Bearded Meeple

« Excellant game …  fantastic! Combines streamlined gameplay while still being packed meaningful decisions … plus giant spaceship blasting lasers in the cold vacuum of space!! »
Lance Myxter, aka Undead Viking




Funded at 430%


Tric Trac


Take the command of a space battle fleet and lead your vessels into battle. Enter the combat zone in which frigates and battleship compete tirelessly under your command.

Fleet Commander is a space battle game with miniatures and intense tactic. With its original and easy to handle system, it offers exceptional replayability and an immediate pleasure to play.

Easy to Play!
With its unique gameplay, Fleet Commander has been designed to make easy-to-play space battles in a single box and with pre-painted miniatures.


Each player controls a fleet of  space ships on a modulable checkered board, which may integrate terrain features such as asteroid fields, colony or dark anomaly. At the beginning of his turn, the player chooses 3 dice among his 9 command dice, throws them and either acts according the outcomes or saves the dice on his command bridge for the following turns. There are 3 types of  dice; movement, attack and shield. Although very simple, the system allows deep tactic and many thrills.

A huge replayability
With a fully modular gameboard, special weapons to customize your battleships, advanced rules, optional rules and scenarios, no game will look like another.

The multiplayer mode
Thanks to its unique system, Fleet Commander allows epic battles from 2 to 8 players or more. you just need enough material. A very tactical battle, full of twists and thrills between two teams of 4 players may be completed in around two hours.

A set of games
Fleet Commander is the generic title of a set of games that creates a rich and varied world of playful space battles. All boxes are 100% compatible with each other and can be used in any configuration you want. Combine them to your taste.

All Fleet Commander

Fleet Commander – Ignition

Full game for 2 players

14 miniatures


Fleet Commander – Genesis

Full game for 2 to 4 players

48 miniatures


Fleet Commander – Beyond the gate


4 miniatures


Fleet Commander – Salvation


6 miniatures


Fleet Commander – Avatar


2 miniatures (big size)


Fleet Commander – Forge

Mini expansion


Fleet Commander – Pirates

Mini expansion


Fleet Commander – Orbit

Playmate with circular design



The Universe


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