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An expansion for Fleet Commander

by Didier Dincher and Pierre Steenebruggen

Illustrated by Antoine Schindler

Sculpts by Antoine Bergerat

Release: Septembre 2017

MSRP: 24 euros

Burning suns

Heavy battleships are superb military vessels, the most fearsome ever seen in battle with devastating firepower, a solid hull and the capacity to be fitted with special weapons. They present formidable opponents that can destroy all around them without concern for enemy maneuvers.

As the conflict between the League of Phoebe and the Hegemony of Amycles has grown fiercer, great Fleet Commanders have emerged to impose their ideas about war.


With Avatar, you can add fearsome class-5 ships to your fleet. Whether you choose a heavy battleship, carrier or dreadnought, these huge ships will be the linchpins of your battle arrays, and the main targets of your opponents.

But that’s not all. Avatar also introduces a new concept: you can now choose a famous Commander to head up your fleet. He or she will bring a permanent bonus to your fleet and shape your battle tactics.

Lastly, you will also find the following in Avatar:

  • Two new types of field: the unpredictable Black Hole, which can swallow up careless fleets, and the Battle Station which offers special weapons to those that control it.
  • Two scenarios that include all these new additions.
Contenu :
  • 2 miniature heavy battleships, each with base stand discs that allow you to play them as a heavy battleship, carrier or dreadnought.
  • 4 command board tiles for the ships
  • 6 command board tiles for the Commanders
  • 4 signal tokens
  • 6 special weapons tokens
  • 4 mine tokens
  • 2 black hole tokens
  • 8 squadron tokens
  • 4 double-sided special field tiles
  • 2 round double-sided special field tokens

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