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An expansion for Fleet Commander

by Didier Dincher and Elwin Charpentier

Illustrated by Antoine Schindler

Sculpts by Antoine Bergerat

Release: September 2105

MSRP: 24 euros

Confirm your power

With Beyond the gate, add to your fleets the mighty class 3 cruiser. With a significant firepower and their shield bonus, they will become a major component of your fleets, which you can now customize to your liking.


Discover also the new terrain “gas cloud” and “Radar Anomaly” and three new special weapons for your battleships, “Vortex Jump”, “Interdictor” and “Exo-Bomb”.

Finally, Beyond the gate contains the rules and components for your multiplayer games (require one basic box per couple players).

  • 4 miniatures with their bases
  • 2 field tiles
  • 2 special weapons pawns
  • 4 portals pawns and 24 markers for multi-player games
  • 1 rulebook with 2 scenarios about gates

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