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An expansion for Fleet Commander

by Didier Dincher and Pierre Steenebruggen

Illustrated by Antoine Schindler

Release: September 2017

MSRP: 15 euros

At the end of the Perseus Arm, there is a system recorded on the map of the Council of Helios under the name PA-FF-104. Curiously, while it lies on the border between the spheres of domination of the great powers of Amycles and Phoebe, no claim on the sovereignty of PA-FF-104 has been made. Experts are inclined to say that it is probably a system of little interest. But the experts have never actually been there…

With the mini-extension ‘Forge’, you will be able to add more powerful and sophisticated warships to your fleet. Using standard warship hulls, the Forge has succeeded in developing a new range of abilities to meet the needs of its clients.

Contenu :
  • 16 ship base stand discs
  • 4 command board tiles
  • 16 signal tokens
  • 2 special weapon tokens
  • 1 rule book

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