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A game by
Didier Dincher

Adaptation et graphic conception
Pierre Steenebruggen.

Antoine Schindler

Antoine Bergerat

2 to 4 players

12 years old and more

60 minutes

Release: September 2017

MSRP: 100 euros

Lead your fleet in battle

Centuries have passed since humanity discovered gravitational waves. Riding on these waves, new empires have risen far from their worn-out cradle. Their power has become terrifying, their self-belief unshakeable and their ambitions seemingly limitless.

Their armed forces are fleets of space warships commanded by the elite of their officer class: Fleet Commanders.
Become one of them and lead destroyers, cruisers and battleships to battle in an epic struggle where the monstrous weapons of the ships of the line crawl through space amid the rapid dance of the frigates. The choices you make in the heat of battle and tactical awareness will make the difference. Learn how to make best use of the various vessels and take advantage of obstacles in the combat zone, and victory will be yours.


Fleet Commander is a space battle game. Each player commands a fleet of ships varying in size and power within a combat zone represented by fields placed side-by-side, certain of which may contain obstacles. In turn, the players choose three dice from their command dice and throw them. They may then use the dice rolls to perform corresponding actions, or keep them on their command board for subsequent turns. The dice represent the three main types of actions in the game: movement, attack and defense.

  • 48 miniature ships with double-sided base stands to distinguish 4 different fleets
  • 50 double-sided space field tiles
  • 36 dice (12 blue, 12 red and 12 green)
  • 26 command board tiles
  • 18 special weapon tiles
  • 6 jump portal tiles
  • 60 signal tokens
  • 2 special field tiles
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