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A game by Didier Dincher and Elwin Charpentier

Illustrated by Antoine Schindler

Sculpts by Antoine Bergerat

2 players

12 years old and more

60 minutes

Release: November 2014

MSRP: 50 euros

Lead your fleet into battle

Take the command of an interstellar fleet and lead your ships to battle! In space, frigates and battleships compete tirelessly in epic battles. Your goal: to reduce the opposing army to nothing!

Fleet Commander is an intense tactical space battle game with miniatures. With its unique and easy to handle gameplay, it offers exceptional replayability and an immediate pleasure to play.

Easy to play
Unique in its kind, Fleet Commander is designed to make available epic space battles in one box with a very simple game mechanics and pre-painted miniatures.


Each player commands a fleet of 7 vessels on a modular checkered board. In turn, a player rolls 3 dice among his command dice. He can play the corresponding roll, or keep them on its “gateway” for following rounds. There are dice to move, attack or put energy into shields. Of great simplicity, yet this system allows deep tactical thinking and many thrills.

A huge replayability
With a fully modular board, 6 special weapons to customize your battleships, advanced rules, optional rules and scenarios, no game will look like another before long.

Expansions …
“Fleet Commander 1- Ignition” is the first opus of a series of a rich and varied world of playful space battle. Discover the expansions.

FC1 Exposé
  • 1 gameboard 50 x 50 cm with 4 double sided fields.
  • 2 Command bridges.
  • 14 pre-painted miniatures of vessels with their markers bases.
  • 6 special weapons pawns.
  • 18 Command dice with special marking.
  • 18 pawns “signals” to play with optional rules and scenarios.
  • 1 rulebook of 16 pages.

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