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An expansion for Fleet Commander

by Didier Dincher and Pierre Steenebruggen

Illustrated by Antoine Schindler

Release: September 2017

MSRP: 15 euros

Among the thousands of stars colonized by humanity, not all are under the domination of empires. Coalitions of free worlds attempt to defend their independence while systems far from civilization sometimes offer secret hideaways for groups that survive by pillaging. Whether you call them pirates, rebels or insurgents, all that matters to them are their freedom and independence.

Take command of one of these 4 minor factions, build your fleet according to specific rules, explore new abilities and contest the domination of the League of Phoebe and the Hegemony of Amycles.

  • 2 commander tiles
  • 2 faction tiles
  • 1 ship tile
  • tokens
  • 1 rule book.

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