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An expansion for Fleet Commander

by Didier Dincher and Pierre Steenebruggen

Illustrated by Antoine Schindler

Sculpts by Antoine Bergerat

Release: September 2017

MSRP: 24 euros

Save our Souls

Following decades of battles, warring factions realized that it was essential to support warships in combat. Specialized ships (also known as ‘technical ships’) therefore began to appear during battle.


With Salvation, you will be able to add one of the three technical ships – Mule, Salvation or Advantage – to your fleet. Whichever ships you use to support your fleet, each of them is fitted with specific systems that can upset the balance of any battle in a spectacular and decisive way.

Salvation introduces:

  • Three technical ship profiles, each of which can be fitted with its own array of unique systems.
  • Two new types of field: The formidable Gamma Storms and the Colonies which you can use to perform minor repairs during battles and as objectives for your scenarios.
  • Two scenarios: “Blockade” and “Illegal” to add new challenges.

Lastly, a campaign generator for two or four players will enable you to play four or five scenario-based games in succession over the course of an afternoon.

  • 6 miniature technical ships with 2 base stand discs each
  • 12 command board tiles
  • 18 signal tokens
  • 16 technical ability tokens
  • 4 double-sided special field tiles
  • 2 round double-sided special field tokens

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