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boite pour Web Gobi

A game by Scott Huntington and Shaun Graham

Illustrated by Maud Chalmel

2 to 4 players

10 years old and more

40 minutes

Release : October 2018

MSRP : 28 euros


Reunite the tribes each other and receive gifts and blessings.

A huge sandstorm has split up the nomadic tribes of the Gobi Desert! As caravan drivers, your task is now to help the nomads reunite with each other. They will be very thankful and bestow you with gifts and blessings for your troubles…

Gobi is a slick game of tile-laying and route building. Set yourself up for grand moves and win it all!

Place a desert tile.

Place camels.

Connect tribes.

Get wonderful gifts.

GOBI Mockup

In turn, players place a tile, then place camels on adjacent tiles. Each tile contains a tribe name. Once a route of camels connects two tiles with the same name, the player chooses a gift giving victory points and a power to use later in the game. 

A route of five or more camels gives access to Coffee, a special gift. The game ends when all the tiles have been played.


In the Gobi box (170x230x50mm), you’ll find:

  • 40 desert tiles (65x65mm)
  • 40 gift tiles (30x80mm)
  • 40 camel pawns
  • 1 rule in english, 1 rule in french

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