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A game by Henri Kermarrec

Illustrated by Maud Chalmel

2 to 4 players

8 years old and more

20 minutes

Release: October 2016

MSRP: 15 Euros

Build a city where your syndicate of crime rules.

Welcome to Noxford, a timeless city in perpetual construction that extends continuously following the rhythm of the gears that hold it. Each player leads a crime syndicate and will rely on his lieutenants and henchmen to become the most influential around rich districts of the city.

Set in a Steampunk universe, NOXFORD gives you the opportunity to take control of a Victorian city made up of cards.

In turn, players place in game either cards depicting influence of their syndicate, or Neutral cards representing rich districts (victory points) as well as Barracks (canceling Syndicate influence around). Cards must be placed in order to touch at least two cards already in play, and must have at least two edges aligned on the edges of the cards that it touches.

Noxford - Positions

The game ends when a player plays his last Syndicate card. Then, players wins Neutral Districts if they have more Syndicate cards than their opponents around. Neutral Districts gives 1 victory point by symbol on them, and a +1 bonus if the District depicts the favorite field of the player’ Syndicate.

The player with the most victory points controls the city, and win the game!

  • 1 game box, size 135x105x25mm,
  • 55 cards, size 58×88 mm,
  • 1 rulebook of 8 pages in French, size 90×120 mm,
  • 1 rulebook of 8 pages in English, size 90×120 mm.

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