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Siggil boite 2018

A game by Henri Kermarrec

Illustrated by Maud Chalmel

1 to 4 players

8 years old and more

20 minutes

Release: September 2015

MSRP: 15 euros

Enter the Sigils, these magical seals that lock Spirits, and capture those which escape. On your turn, take one card and only one. Choose the right one!

The game includes seven families of 7 cards and 7 unique cards of spirits. At the start of the game, all cards are shuffled and placed on the table following a simple form called Siggil. In turn, a player draws a card available of the Siggil to build up his hand. When a Spirit escapes, the player can then capture it with combinations he has made in his hand. The winner is the one who has captured most of spirits.

SIG Mockup 1

Try the different Siggil shapes: the Passage, the Turtle, the Pyramids and others; with 2, 3, 4 players or also alone.

SIGGIL Positions
SIG Mockup 2
SIG Mockup cartes esprits seules
  • 56 cards, size 58×88 mm
  • 1 page of rules in english
  • 1 page of rules in french

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