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An adaptation of Lu Zhan Qi by Didier Dincher

Illustrated by Aurélien Bidaud

2 players

8 years old and more

30 minutes

Release: October 2014

MSRP : 20 euros

Bluff and strategy during Prohibition

You are in the 20s, in a time of prohibition and the famous Speakeasies. You are at the head of a clan of gangsters. Will you find the Speakeasy of your opponent before he finds yours?

SE Plateau détouré

Players have each 25 pieces of different values on their side of the board. They move in turn face hidden to the opponent along the streets, in the alleys and even in buildings that serve as a “safe house”. When two pieces meet, the biggest value scares the other which leaves the board. “Kids” move faster while “Babes” and “FBI” scare away all the other gangsters but disappearing themselves.

The Speakeasy of a player is on one of the two yellow buildings on his side of the board. Will you choose to defend or to attack? And will the “timing” be right?

A strategy game for two players very fast to handle and with tactical finesse. It will appeal to both beginners and serious gamers.

Inspired by the Lu Zhan Qi, a Chinese game that has a proven its quality, Speakeasy uses memory and anticipation for games full of bluff and strategy.

  • 1 game board
  • 50 wooden pieces
  • 1 page of rule

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