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Classe 5

When we started to develop Fleet Commander, there were only class 1, 2 and 4 spaceships. But because you can position up to 5 classes on a single square, we quickly thought about adding a class 3 cruiser (it’s Beyond the Gate), and a class 5 ship. It was in 2013. We decided to name it the Heavy Battleship.

We wanted to create different Battleships for Amycles and Phoebe, like we did for the technical ships. As a result, there will be 3 types of Class 5 ships:

  • The “standard” Heavy battleship. Not that standard though, because of its 30 hull points and 5 damage points.
  • The Amycles Dreadnought: it deals massive damages, but will be a little more vulnerable.
  • The Phoebean Carrier: many players were waiting for the carrier. That’s no surprise, because having squadron of interceptors on the board is really cool!

Those big ships will be in the Avatar Expansion, included in one of the Fleet Commander Kickstarter pledges. And Avatar will contain many other surprises, stay tuned!


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