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We started Capsicum Games in 2014, mostly to bring Fleet Commander on the market. I took us 2 years of development and a significant part of our saving. The first box was called Ignition, and provided enough material to play 1 versus 1 for a reasonable price. But it was far from all what we had imagined for this game.

Indeed, Fleet Commander allows many exciting developments, in terms of rules, spaceships, scenarios and last but not least for multi-players games. We launched the first expansion Beyond the Gate to show all this potential and Fleet Commander range received very good critics from gamers and professionals.

However, with the traditional way, for a small company like Capsicum Games, it would take years to put on the market all our ideas. A “big box” for up to 4 players with tones of miniatures is very exciting, but not feasible because it would be too cost intensive unlike other projects we carry out normally.

Kickstarter appears to be the best way to reach both goals. We will be able to offer you a dream box containing lot of material with your support and all the stretch goals that we hope to unlock during the campaign. Finally, for those who already own Ignition, the Kickstarter is also the opportunity to get 2 new expansions in very short time.

This is our first campaign but not our first board game.

We make board games for several years now and have already published 6 games that are available in many countries and languages (France, Belgium, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan). We are passionates, who develop, sell or publish board games for decades. We know board games.

Fleet Commander Already exists

Fleet Commander Genesis, Salvation and Avatar are the continuity of the range Fleet Commander that counts already 4 titles. We are the authors and publisher of this range since the beginning. Illustrators have been hired from the team that already worked on the first opus of Fleet Commander in order to keep the style and flavor. We will work with the same manufacturer. We are used to cooperate efficiently with him. He has already most of the molds required for the miniatures and of course, he is aware about the milestones of this project. For the purpose of shipment, we will work with recognized and recommended service providers that are used with Kickstarter fulfillment around the world.

We would like to thank you for your support and hope that you will be present the 01/11!


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